1The vision of HillHouse Writers evolved from Karen Walasek’s thirty plus years of eclectic home-school practice, her BA experience at Goddard College in 1995, Interdisciplinary Arts master work, music management experience  and eventually culminating with both her and her lifelong partner musician, songwriter, literary artist Ron Heacock’s MFA in creative writing at Goddard.

HillHouse Writers thrives on a bio-diverse organic farm in the rolling hills of TN. Being a creative artist of any kind is probably one of the most misunderstood and schizophrenically supported human activities of modern times.

4All humans recognize culture and beauty. We recognize that creativity is something magical, that it involves a process. We know that artists often are the greatest examiners, critics, and transformers of our society, but what do artists really need in order to do their work?

HillHouse writers began with a focus on the food, nourishing the artist’s palette with healthy, tasty and seemingly indulgent meals to insure a high density experience. Foodies know that nutritionally dense meals fill GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAin all the missing nutritional gaps that our bodies are missing from an overly processed commercialized food system. But what of the highly commercialized mono-culture of modern life? What kind of experiences fill in the gap for sustaining the creative act? How do we move away from seeing the artist as one who burns brilliantly bright for only a short while and then dies out— into a living breathing nurtured provider of personal and cultural transformation?

HillHouse Writers blossomed into The Paradigm Center, but still offers a cornucopia of sensory foods. At HillHouse, participants are fed: body and soul. Time no longer runs chronologically by the demands of a ticking clock, but instead moves organically from event to event as surely as the moon waxes and wanes. Writer’s engage the flow of deep writing and surface to discover the nuances of a finely honed craft at precisely the moment it is needed, the added spice that a master chef knows will turn the best garden fresh wholesome ingredients into a masterpiece. Our masterpiece is the fully supported creative artist.


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