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HillHouse Writers Retreat was founded in May of 2004 on the principal of preparing the best meals using the freshest ingredients often selecting locally-grown meats, fruits and vegetables. Our food is cast in the style of the  rustic chefs of Italy and France. We pride ourselves on providing guests with the space, comfort and support to create the work they mean to do.

The Process

In order to receive the highest level of care at HillHouse, each attendee fills out a food survey. This survey will be emailed. We can accommodate any food sensitivities or preferences within reason. Guests provide their own travel to and from Nashville. We traditionally pick our residents up at the airport.

Alcohol is not included in the award. But we encourage you to bring your own, or we can stop at a store in route to the farm.

Stays can begin and end on any day of the week. Normally folks arrive in the evening on Friday and leave in the morning on the following Friday.

Contact us for reservations and more specific information.

Thanks! The HillHouse Writer’s Staff

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Additional Considerations, Options, and Possibilities 
As creating a fully realized manuscript takes a huge amount of time,patience,organization, and effort, Hill House Writers are encouraged to engage in the Editorial Mentorship Program over the full life of your project. If you have questions concerning the availability of extending your stay— and/or Intensive Editorial Mentorship Add-Ons —or, if you would simply like to chat about scheduling future retreats, creating a project timeline, group-pricing, or any other such inquiries,please Contact Us.

Editorial Services:

Description of book and general editing. Rates will vary. Either Call or set up special email for quote.
Contact us for more information regarding long term projects

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