What is this all about?

Apocalyptic thinking is another symptom of the sort of thinking that brought us to this brink. Believing that we will solve our problems that way does not take into account the pain and suffering of countless human, not to mention the mass scale extinctions we are already seeing. Only people who are immune from the effects of a planetary crash and burn would support such an option[1]. It is either delusional (thinking that they are immune, for example, from pervasive air or water pollution. Pesticides are everywhere. We live in a  slurry of toxic chemicals – no one is immune) or blind (either by choice or by design). Crash and burn is not an option for 99% of the people on our planet. It is suicidal to advocate for this outcome.

Which is astounding when you think of it – most people would die or tier lives would be altered in fundamental ways as to make life unrecognizable (losing all coastal cities for example. Or the loss of the plankton cycle in the ocean or mega storms that could toss two ton boulders around like twigs – why would people who will have no ability to avoid such trauma support the viewpoint of the exceptionally wealthy?

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